Hindley Junior & Infant School
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Graham Doubleday

I joined the Board of Governors at Hindley Junior and Infants as a co-opted governor in July 2017 then transferred to the role of Local Authority Governor in March 2018. In September 2018 I was voted as chair of Governors and I have held this position to date.

The role of a governor can be a challenging, but rewarding role, that requires a fine balance of providing effective challenge and support to the headteacher and senior leadership team in regard to the academic progress of learners and the effective running of the school whilst ensuring that the learning and emotional needs of children are at the heart of all that we do. Each governor is linked to a special area and my role is to take the lead for scrutiny on safeguarding and health and safety.

On a personal level I have worked for Wigan Council for the past 26 years and I currently manage the Targeted Youth Support Service which supports young people involved in offending and anti-social behaviour, youth voice, youth cabinet and the delivery of positive groups and activities for young people agreed 8-18. We also support people who have been affected by youth crime by offering them different ways to understand what has happened to them and get answers to their questions, which might include meeting the person who is responsible for committing a crime against them.

In my spare time I enjoy playing the guitar and walking with my dog Jay Jay, he really loves mud. Being a governor at such an amazing school and working alongside talented, enthusiastic and committed staff, with keen and inquisitive leaners is a really privileged role and something I really enjoy.



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