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Attendance Matters

It goes without saying that if your child is going to achieve their potential at school and flourish, they need to attend school regularly.

It is nationally recognised that 96% attendance over a school year is the minimum expectation. If your child only attends 96% of the time, they will still miss over half a term of their total time in school – this will put them at a serious disadvantage. Therefore, at Hindley Junior & Infant School we strive for better than 96%!

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Please do not book non-emergency medical appointments such as dental check-ups and routine hearing or eyes tests during the school day. Also, oversleeping and tiredness is not an excuse for being absent, nor is a parent feeling unwell. Holidays will not be authorised unless they are exceptional circumstances.

Staff have worked together with parents, governors and children to develop a meaningful and effective Attendance Policy and procedures.
We use a range of rewards to encourage good attendance at school. All of our rewards are celebrated within celebration assemblies, displayed around school and on Class Dojo. 

Class of the Week – the class with the best attendance will win the attendance certificate and trophy for the week, and an extra 15 minutes playtime one afternoon.
Class Attendance Race – When a class wins ‘Class of the Week’ seven times they will have a class non-uniform day.
Weekly 100% Attendance Raffle – every individual child who has achieved 100% attendance for the week will be entered into a raffle to win a £5 voucher and a special certificate.
Termly Attendance Reward – Every child whose attendance is over 96% for the term will be netered into a raffle to receive a £100 voucher for a family day out of their choice.

We have high standards in terms of attendance. Attendance is monitored closely by our in house attendance team, which includes the Headteacher.
Parents must inform the school if their child is going to be absent from school. However, we do have a first day response system in school if a child is absent from school without reason– parents are contacted on the first morning of absence by the school office. If parents cannot be reached unannounced door step visits may be carried out if deemed appropriate by the headteacher. If a child’s attendance becomes a concern, school will contact parents to offer support, predominantly through our learning mentor, and reiterate our expectations. School may invite parents into school to discuss any barriers and offer support. Staff, parents and the child would write up an attendance agreement, and review it regularly. 

Education Penalty Notice Warning for Non-School attendance

Under the Education Act 1996, parents and carers have a duty to make sure their children regularly attend school. If parents or carers fail to do this, they can be prosecuted.
Working within a Code of Conduct the Local Authority can issue a penalty notice to parents or carers if a child has missed a number of sessions without permission from the school.
If your child falls within one or more of these categories within a 12 week period

  • 10 sessions (5 days) of unauthorised absence with under 90% attendance
  • 20 sessions (10 days) of unauthorised absence
  • Persistently arrives late for school after the close of registration

You could receive a Penalty Notice of £60 which will increase to £120 if not paid within 21 days. The Penalty Notice will need to be paid in full before 28 days of the notice being served. Failure to pay a penalty notice may result in prosecution (a separate penalty notice may be issued to each parent for each child).
In law, an offence is committed if a parent fails to secure a child’s regular attendance at school. Wigan Council Attendance Service, in conjunction with schools, will use these powers as an early deterrent to prevent patterns of unauthorised absence developing.
You may also receive a Penalty Notice for the offence of failing to secure regular school attendance under the following circumstances:

  • Your child is stopped on a truancy sweep
  • You fail to ensure that your child is not in a public place during the first 5 days of a fixed term or permanent exclusion.

The Local Authority and schools are committed to providing the best possible future for your child. If you have concerns about your child’s attendance at school or if you are experiencing any difficulties please contact your school and ask for support.



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