Hindley Junior & Infant School
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School Uniform

Black or grey trousers
School sweatshirt with logo or maroon jumper or sweatshirt
Blue polo shirt
Black shoes
Plain black, white or grey socks



Maroon or grey skirt/pinafore or tartan skirt/pinafore
Black or grey trousers
School sweatshirt or cardigan with logo or maroon cardigan or sweatshirt
Blue polo shirt
In the summer, girls may wear red and white gingham dresses
Black shoes
Plain black, white or grey socks or tights



New PE uniform as of September 2021.



From September 2021, we will have a new, compulsory school uniform, this will replace the normal school uniform for the two days per week your child has PE.

On the days your child has PE your child will be expected to come to school wearing the following uniform:

• Black Polo shirt with our school logo or plain black Polo shirt.
• Plain black shorts (not striped).
• Black school jumper with our logo or plain black sweatshirt (to be removed if
doing PE inside)
If the weather is cold your child may wear a pair of plain black jogging bottoms to school which will be removed during their PE lesson.  Please ensure they wear their plain black shorts underneath.

PE Pumps will remain in school at all times. Trainers to be worn to and from school on the days that your child has PE.

Any other leggings or tracksuits with brand names or logos will not be permitted. This is to ensure our high uniform standards are maintained.

Please see the following links to our uniform suppliers.




My clothing (what was Tesco's embroidery service).


If you have any questions please contact the School Office on 01942 255339.





We are very proud of the school's uniform. We ask parents and carers not to send children to school wearing trainers, nail polish or with extreme haircuts and colours etc. Children may wear watches and those with pierced ears may wear plain gold studs. Please note that all jewellery must be removed for P.E. All hair accessories should be kept to a minimum and in our uniform colours.




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