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School Council


What is a school council?

The Hindley Junior and Infant School Council is a group of children who are elected by their peers to represent the views of all pupils and to improve our school.  Elections take place yearly, so that our pupils can see democracy in action. Our school council is made up of 2 children from each year group, from Year 1 upwards.

What does it involve?

The job of the School Council is to help make decisions in school and to be a voice of the children by representing the views of all pupils. They are responsible for carrying out the ideas and actions that they have agreed upon. They should be the voice of their classmates!

The School Council meets with Mrs Radcliffe regularly to discuss issues and make decisions.  These may include such things as: improvements to school & play times, ideas for charity fundraising days & hosting competitions. Members of the School Council Leadership Team will be responsible for carrying out ideas that they have agreed, such as planning charity events, school workshops, meeting with Governors or other communities and putting forward views of other children in the School.


What makes a good School Council Team?

A good School Council is one that represents the views of the children and gets things done. These are some of the things that make our School Council Leadership Team effective:

  • We have regular meetings.
  • We respect everyone’s contributions and ideas.
  • We have good communication between representatives and their classes.
  • We get things done to improve school for everyone!

Who is our school council?

The School Council is an exciting and meaningful part of school, and the children who are elected are very proud of their responsibilities. Our School Council does a fantastic job, and we are very proud of our children that take part!

Please see below our 2022-23 School Council representatives:



Please click on the link below to see the ‘minutes’ of our meetings from this year.


4th July 2023

13th June 2023

16th May 2023

25th April 2023

7th March 2023

14th February 2023

31st January 2023

12th January 2023

29th November 2022

8th November 2022

17th October 2022

27th September 2022

13th May 2022

11th February 2022

4th February 2022

14th May 2021

26th March 2021

19th March 2021

12th March 2021

24th November 2020

17th November 2020

12th November 2020

3rd November 2020




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