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SEND - How will school staff support my child?


For children who need 'lots of' support and beyond a Pupil Action Plan (PAP) will be completed with the SENCo, class teacher, parent and pupil. This will detail the provision being given. This is reviewed termly (or more frequently if required).

Pupils views about their education are extremely important and pupils with special educational needs are consulted in a variety of different ways e.g.? conversation with a trusted adult, questionnaire, using a Talking Mat etc. Pupils are consulted during the formulation of their Pupil Action Plan, they are encouraged to self-reflect on the targets they are working towards and celebrate successes they have made so that they are able to generate next steps in conjunction with class teachers.

This will detail the staff who are working with your child and any programmes they are following. All provision provided is moderated and evaluated to ensure it is meeting the needs of the child by the SENCo.

The class teacher is ultimately responsible for your child and their progress and are available to discuss any issues with you about the provision.



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