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How will school staff support my child?


Who will oversee and plan the education programme and who will be working with my child and how often?

If our assessments show that a child may have a learning difficulty, we use a range of strategies that make full use of all available classroom and school resources. The child's class teacher will offer interventions that are different from or additional to those provided as part of the school's usual working practices. The Special Educational Needs Coordinator (SENDCo), if not already involved, will become involved if the teacher and parents/carers feel that the child would benefit from further support. The SENDCo will then take the lead in further assessments of the child's needs.

What will be their roles?

Teachers respond to children's needs by:

  • providing support and differentiation within the curriculum planning for children who need additional help;
  • planning for children's full participation in learning, and in physical and practical activities;
  • helping children to manage their behaviour and their emotions, particularly trauma or stress, and to take part in learning effectively and safely.

The SENDCo monitors the movement of children within the SEN system in school. In our school, the SENDCo:

  • manages the day-to-day operation of the SEN processes;
  • co-ordinates the provision for and manages the responses to children's special needs;
  • supports and advises colleagues;
  • oversees the records of all children with special educational needs;
  • acts as the link with parents and carers;
  • acts as the link with the Local Authority, external agencies and other support agencies;
  • monitors and evaluates the special educational needs provision and reports to the governing body;
  • manages a range of resources, both human and material, to enable appropriate provision to be made for children with special educational needs;
  • contributes to the professional development of all staff.

Our Learning Mentor works across school to support the social, emotional, mental health, welfare and learning of pupils within school. They also have a role to play in supporting parents and carers. The school’s Head Teacher coordinates this support.

Who will explain this to me?

The school works closely with parents and carers in the support of those children with additional educational needs. We have regular contact to share the progress of special needs children with their parents or carers, inform them of any outside intervention, and share the process of decision-making by providing clear information relating to the education of children with special educational needs.

How does the school know how effective its arrangements and its provision for children with special educational needs are?

School tracking identifies pupils considered to have special needs and their progress is monitored by
Senior Leaders. The SENCo monitors provision for children with SEN. School data, and data published by the DfE and Ofsted, note the performance of children identified as having SEN&D. The views of children and parents are regularly sought through pupil progress meetings, informal discussions and questionnaires and are used to inform school developments.






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