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How will the school prepare and support my child to join or transfer to a new school?

What preparation will there be for both the school and my child before he or she joins the school?

Where a child has identified Special needs, the SENDCo will liaise with the parents, Local Authority SEND team and staff from the current school to identify any adaptations or resources that may be needed in advance of transfer. Both parents and pupil(s) will be encouraged to visit the school in advance of a decision being made to transfer and pre-transfer information is gathered by the SENDCo and/or Learning Mentor.

Where other professionals are involved the SENDCo will communicate with them to identify information to be
shared and will pre-arrange review meetings following transition.

Parents will be provided with school information, including prospectus and uniform/equipment details, and
pre-admission permissions will be sought (e.g. policy agreements etc.).

How will he or she be prepared to move onto the next stage?

Within school we carefully plan transition between classes and all relevant information is shared between the previous and new class staff in advance of change, including a period of time within the new classroom with the relevant staff (this takes place during summer term).

Where transition to KS 3 is to take place, children with identified additional needs, including SEN, are discussed at a pre-transition meeting with the receiving secondary school and, if possible, transition sessions in both our school and the receiving school take place. Additional sessions to these can be arranged should it be felt appropriate for the individual pupil. Where a pupil with SEND has an EHCP, the receiving Secondary school will be invited to the transition review, usually held in the Autumn or Spring term prior to transition.

What information will be provided to his or her new school?

The receiving school will be provided with; current academic results, the outcome of any additional assessments by school or support services, notes of meetings held to discuss additional needs, and where
there is an EHCP the relevant documents including review information. The pupil’s electronic information
held on the school’s SIMs system, including SEND information, will be transferred to the new school as soon
as confirmation is received relating to the completion of transfer.

All paper documents (Including safeguarding information if held) are transferred to the receiving school and
a receipt retained to provide evidence of this if required in the future.

How will you support a new school to prepare for my child?

As outlined above, support will be offered to the receiving school of any transferring pupil which is appropriate to the location and needs of the pupil. This may include supported visits, telephone conversations and e-mail communications. If appropriate, the SENDCo will visit the receiving school (or host the school to visit Hindley J & I) during which detailed plans can be finalised.





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