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Physical Education

Physical Education at Hindley J & I Primary School

At Hindley J & I Primary School we believe Physical Education is a fundamental part of our children’s lives and it is therefore embedded throughout the school day. As we want every child to be a happy and enthusiastic learner of PE, with an in-depth knowledge of how to stay healthy – both physically and mentally, we provide many opportunities for children to achieve, learn and be their best through physical activity. Through working closely with our PE specialist and with local sport clubs, we aim to give children several avenues of sport and other physical activities that they can excel in, both in and out of school. We firmly believe that the recipe for success is high quality first teaching in Physical Education alongside as much physical activity throughout the school day as possible.
Physical Education promotes an understanding in children of their bodies in action. It involves thinking, selecting and applying skills and promotes positive attitudes towards a healthy lifestyle. Hindley J & I believes that Physical Education, experiences in a safe and supportive environment, is vital and unique in its contribution to a pupil’s physical and emotional development and good health. It also provides children ample opportunities to build on the seven key characteristics of a Hindley J & I child, that can be used in all areas of the curriculum: ambition, resilience, determination, confidence, respect, honesty ??



  • Our principal aim is that children leave Hindley J & I Primary School with a wide range of happy and rich memories in Physical Education, formed through interesting and exciting experiences that enhance a child’s awareness of their own abilities and strengths as a learner; thus ensuring that children see learning in Physical Education as an on-going process not a one-off event.
  • Children will meet both the KS1 and KS2 National Curriculum expectations in Physical Education, which will be taught by highly-qualified, enthusiastic staff who will support children to develop mastery of concepts and inspire enthusiasm and interest in the subject.
  • All children will study Physical Education for 2 hours per week.
  • Opportunities will exist for children of all ages to experience learning beyond the classroom.  This will allow them to enrich their knowledge by, for example, a residential visit to an outdoor education centre where they will experience activities such a canoeing, caving, climbing, abseiling and archery and develop skills such as teamwork, resilience and problem-solving.
  • Children will develop a deep understanding of the subjects they are studying. They will increasingly use their prior knowledge to solve problems and develop the sophistication of Physical Education.
  • In Physical Education, children will develop the following skills- Thinking (evaluating and improving, leadership and decision making) Physical (fitness and performance) and Feeling (fairplay and mindset).
  • Children will develop a real understanding and appreciation of the world learning from the best that has been developed and said.  For example: local, national and international athletes, sports coaches and sports therapists.
  • All children will be able to swim 25 metres by the end of KS2.



The curriculum hours in Physical Education are non-negotiable and will be followed by all staff in the school.  Fixed timetables will be set before the academic year and will be monitored.

  • The subject leader for Physical Education will meet the PE specialist, Mr Hilton, and the senior leadership team on a regular basis to evaluate provision, in order to ensure that teaching and learning in Physical Education is outstanding. Staff will receive professional development, based around their needs, in Physical Education by Hindley J & I’s PE specialist.
  • A carefully designed, bespoke scheme of learning is implemented in Physical Education to ensure consistency and progress of all learners.
  • Curriculum coverage may include guest speakers who are specialists in their field, fieldwork to relevant places of interest, innovative use of technology to name but a few.
  • Success criteria in every Physical Education lesson are set in order to guide children to achieve their potential. This ensures work is demanding and matches the aims of the curriculum.
  • High quality teaching responds to the needs of children.   Spiral learning is a key focus of all formative and summative assessment with teachers actively providing feedback in lessons in order to identify misconceptions early and to promote the highest level of physical fitness.  
  • High quality input from experts and educational resources complement the delivery of specialist learning admirably.  Children understand how Physical Education is used in the wider world, including careers.
  • Swimming lessons will be provided by qualified coaches, starting in KS1 at our own school swimming pool.
  • All children have the opportunities to take part in a range of competitive sports, including interschool competitions.
  • Children will have access to a variety of after-school clubs which are based around Physical Education, some of these will be funded through the Sports Premium.
  • Sporting achievements of both current and past pupils, parents, carers and school staff will be actively celebrated on our Physical Education Achievement Board; providing both encouragement and role-models.
  • Year 5 and 6 pupils are trained as Playtime leaders and will provide physical activities for children across school to join in, at both playtimes and lunchtimes, in addition to staff who will also provide various activities for children to access.



Children are happy learners within Physical Education.  They experience a wide range of learning challenges within PE and know appropriate responses to them.

  • Through Physical Education, children deepen their appreciation of their own health and well-being, as well as their own unique talents.
  • Visits within Physical Education have enriched the lives of the children and they are able to discuss how the experience impacted their knowledge and understanding.
  • Children of all abilities and backgrounds achieve well in Physical Education, which is reflected in outstanding progress that reveals a clear learning journey.  Children talk enthusiastically about their learning in Physical Education and are eager to further their learning in the next stages of their education.
  • Clear outcomes focus and guide all Physical Education development plans and drive improvement.
  • Fundamental British Values are evident in Physical Education and children understand how it can celebrate difference.
  • Children are physically active for sustained periods of time and recognise the importance of this, when being encouraged to lead healthy, active lives.
  • By the end of KS2, children will be able to swim competently and confidently over a range of at least 25 metres.  




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