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Before & After School Clubs


Breakfast Club

Available from 8.00am

Fun activities including sports

Healthy breakfast

A lovely start to the day

Breakfast club
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School Clubs February - March

Summer Games
Academy of Sports
EY & KS1
Summer Games
Academy of Sports
Rugby Mr Thomason      
Mr Burns
Mrs Lowe &
Mrs Speakman



School Clubs Run Throughout the Year


Basketball Club

The children will learn basic Basketball skills, such as moving with the ball, passing, shooting, team work and will begin to play mini games all with a professional player. We have run this club for many terms now it has always been a great success.

Choir Club



Cricket Club

In cricket club, activities are aimed to improve both beginners and advanced players whilst in a fun and safe environment. Open to all KS2, boys and girls


Dance Club

The dance club is run by a specialist dance teacher who will focus on Zumba, Street and cheerleading dance moves. the children will learn new steps and create routines throughout the weeks to well know recent pop and dance music which the children enjoy. All KS2 children have experienced a dance session with the teacher in school and all the children had fun and learnt some new moves. It is a well subscribed club.


Dodgeball Club

Dodgeball is a fun, interactive game where children learn throwing and catching skills through a game of team work. The children have to work as a team to throw balls to and from teams to get players out of the game. The children enjoy playing small games in teams and enjoy the competitive side.


Football Club

In football club, we have been covering the basics of football for beginners and helping to advance children skills with the help of our qualified coaches. The group welcomes both boys and girls.


It is a non-sports-specific activity based on the FUNdamentals of movement - agility, balance and co-ordination. These skills provide a base for future all round development in most sports, coupled with the introduction of fundamental sport skills such as throwing, catching, running, jumping and striking. The children have all enjoyed this club and you can see the benefits of the sessions through the children's skills in PE sessions.


Rugby Club

In rugby club, we have been covering the basics of rugby league for beginners and helping to advance children skills with the help of our qualified coaches. The group welcomes both boys and girls.


Tennis and Badminton

In?tennis and badminton?club the children have the opportunity to gain basic batting skills, working in pairs or teams to play mini games and a basic knowledge of the rules of the games.




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